wet ‘n’ wild

Based on the popular course started by Leslie Morgan and Claire Benn at Committed to Cloth, this course will generate excitement about dyeing & printing fabrics.
It is now offered as 2 separate week long courses to enable those living further away from Eastbourne to take advantage of the studio facilities and Christine’s expert knowledge.
Looking at dyes, paints, inks, and other media for adding colour and texture to all types of cloth, if you do both weeks you will have all the basics you need for working projects on fabrics.
Week 1 will concentrate on all things dye based, using Procion MX dyes throughout, including all levels of immersion dyeing from full immersion in buckets, to very low immersion on plastic sheets. We will work with resists – soy wax and flour paste in particular which are both easy to wash out of cloth. Any dye based course would not be complete without a good introduction to working with silk screens and thickened dye paints and Christine will take you through using the screen in easy stages so that you will be fully familiar with the feel of the screen before you need to worry about precision printing!
Week 2 then looks more at mixed media – processes using things other than dye or combinations of materials and dye. This gives us a wider range of fabrics to work with as acrylic products will work on any fabric. Christine’s particular favourite is paper lamination – a method of incorporating printed imagery on to fabrics and there are a couple of variations of this process that you will cover in this week. The studio also has a large A2 size heat transfer press enabling us to colour synthetic fabric with the bright colours of transfer paints. You will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of various media but the layering possibilities of accidental combinations of materials.

You can take these weeks separately or receive a heavy discount if you commit to both weeks and this combination will give you all of the basics with which to continue working on projects and creating your own fabrics and backgrounds for those projects rather than relying on someone else’s fabrics and marks. It makes your work truly INDIVIDUAL!

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