Thermofax Printing

Thermofax screens are a really easy way to do some screen printing. The screens have images already burned into the mesh so that you can print the same thing over and over again, without all the taping/masking/waxing that regular screens require for repeat imagery. They are easy to use, and easy to wash and care for.

You can begin with images that are designed by screens4printing, the company that Christine is a partner in, and then if you want something a little more you, you can begin to develop your own custom designs for screens.

This course will teach you all sorts of processes that you can use thermofax screens for: printing, layering, using different images together, paper lamination, even breakdown printing!

The cost includes a bundle of screens with related imagery and with a mix of soft framed screens and framed screens so you learn how to handle both types. The topics of the bundles are:
bees – buildings – abstract – butterflies – vintage – dots – flowers – seashore
When registering and paying, please e mail a note using the contact form about which bundle you would like, and if you know the screens4printing website, you could choose a main screen and I can try to put 2 others with it that are suitable – or else contact you to discuss!