Strictly Colour


The focus of this class is colour: how to mix it, how to manage it, how to combine colours, how to play with colour, how colour can express an idea or mood.
So often I hear the words in the studio – I am scared of colour – OR – I don’t understand colour. Whilst I don’t want to claim that I am a colour expert (my own work is very often non-chromatic!), I have taught colour in City & Guilds for many years and have a good understanding of how to mix colours from both dyes and paints (yes they do behave differently).

I believe that through working with various recognisable colour combinations, you will gain an understanding of how colours behave and in the process, gain more confidence when working with colour in your own projects. In the process you will develop an appreciation of the role that colour plays in creating space and movement in compositions, along with how to manage dominant colours so they do not overwhelm the eye. This experience will also help you to be able to identify the components of a complex colour so that you can reproduce this if you are working from observation.

Everyone has their own personal colour preferences and I am hoping this course will help you recognise how to work with these to extend their possibilities within your artwork.

Working on Zoom, you will explore colour working primarily on paper and with materials that you have in the home. I will be sending you a pack of dyes so that you can mix them with water and work with them on paper to understand how they work and the differences to paint.

(Not offered in 2022) Working in the Studio you will be working alongside the Zoom students working mainly on paper for the morning activities and then in the afternoon, using all the facilities on offer to work consistently on fabric. There are now 6 print benches so you can work on your own 2m bench on a small to medium scale and developing your understanding of colour with experience of various print processes – hence the longer day.

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