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Covid 19 has resulted in a reduced programme  for this academic year but the continued rollout of the vaccine should help us get back to face to face classes with some enthusiasm!

The new venue is cozy and would normally support 5 full size print benches with either 5 creative intent students, or 8 creative development students sharing benches. Various specialist classes would share 2 to a bench (stitch classes), or have a bench to themselves (Print/Dye classes).
In light of social distancing, the number of benches and students is limited to 4, and I am not running any specialist courses until September 2021. There are also plenty of features I have introduced to keep us all safe whilst working together.
As we have all become used to working online as part of this pandemic, I am continuing to offer online courses because that will enable the studio community to grow beyond the geographical limitations of the local area. This is the new normal! these appear under a separate Online Course Main heading

You can sign up for the Once-A-Month Creative Development class on the website and pay for your first class via Paypal. Click on the Add to Cart button beside the course you wish to book and this will take you to a Checkout page. After the Paypal payment process is complete, you will be returned to the Home Page.
The small print of the booking details are at the bottom of the page – please read before paying!
If you would like to be notified of courses and opportunities, please sign up to my e mail list. They also appear on the Studio FB page and Instagram account.

There are a few short courses with visiting tutors on the Re-Treats page: click here for Re-Treats. I am also offering a mentoring programme – details below. Please use the Contact Form as a first step.

Thanks – Christine



£55 per session April – July

For students experienced with textiles but who wish to work in a supported environment, and alongside other students/artists, to generate projects and develop their own style.  Access given to all the wet print facilities and materials, with support in processes as and when required. 


 (full fee for May to July)

If you would prefer to receive guidance at home, along with peer support from the community, this online option will give you 2 Zoom meetings a month and a FaceBook group in which to ask questions and share work. You will need to be reasonably self motivated to work either in stitch or wet work, but if you need specific tuition, one Zoom meeting could be organised as a demonstration.


artist in action table

A flexible one off or repeatable programme of 2 day packages, for those textile artists who wish to take a more professional approach to their work. Through review and discussion, I will help you take a fresh look at your work and practices, and create a personalised pathway to help you reach your goals.  If you are interested in joining this programme please use the form on the Contact Page 
I am also offering mentoring for groups with a focus on narrative within projects and have a few topics that can be used to enable work in this area. This has an online focus so is not confined to groups who are local to the South East. Once again, please contact me if your group would be interested in discussing this option.

Mentoring Information Sheet                  


If you are interested in any of the studio courses, or have questions, please use the e mail form on the Contact Page.

DEPOSITS A deposit is required to secure your place on any of the studio based Once-A-Month courses shown above. Courses can be cancelled any time up to 2 weeks before the class starts, and the deposit will be refunded. After this point, the deposit will not be returned if you have to cancel your place.

Payment for the online option is a one-off payment, non refundable once the course has started. Refunds will be given up to 2 weeks in advance of the course start date, with the exception of courses that start immediately on payment and has no schedule of Zoom tutorials and tutor contact. For these courses, there are no refunds. If you have problems that mean you can not keep up with the schedule of videos, please contact me for help extending access to the course materials.

The payment for short intensive classes is due in full when booking. For Once A Month classes, payments are made at each session. It can be paid with debit/credit card on the day, or by BACS transfer.

Once you have booked your place on a Once-A-Month course and paid a deposit to secure your place, you pay for each class as you attend in order to spread the cost over the full term. In return, you are committing to paying for the whole set of classes. If you can not make one of the sessions, alternatives dates for attendance will be offered so you are able to catch up with what you have missed. 


12 thoughts on “Textile Courses

  1. Members of the Textend group have just had a two day workshop with Christine about fractured paper lamination. We learnt a variety of techniques which were new to us all. Her instructions, demonstrations and samples were excellent. The days were so well structured with almost all we needed provided for us. She also outlined a variety of ways to follow up and develop the techniques covered. We came home exhilarated and inspired so a big thank you from all of us.

  2. Still glowing after an excellent weekend learning to dye fabrics. I was completely new to this work (or should I say play) and a bit apprehensive, but it was a delightful experience. Christine is utterly skilled and knowledgeable, both as an artist and as a teacher. The atmosphere was relaxed, the studio full of light (and tea and biscuits) and my fellow participants a pleasure to get to know. So much more than I had dared to dream. Thank you! kathleen

  3. Attended first of Wild About Colour weekends. It was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was informative and Christine was so patient and helpful. I’m looking forward to the next one.

  4. Christine, thank you so much for such an interesting and informative workshop entitled Print-Embellish-Print. The three days passed far too quickly, but I now have more respect for my embellisher! When I enrolled I had no idea what we would be doing and an element of surprise is always welcome. This workshop has given me lots of inspiration to carry forward what I have started. Brenda

  5. Thank you Christine for a very informative and instructive 3 day workshop using our embellisher machines. As always your studio is well planned and the refreshment table is much appreciated. You obviously devote time to organising your workshops and monthly lessons.

  6. Having recently attended an Embellishing /print course delivered by Christine at her fabulous studio. I am now moving forward with skills and knowledge gained with a greater understanding of how to use my embelisher machine. Thank you Christine for your highly professional teaching.

  7. I have just completed the workshop with Matthew Harris at Studio 11, which was excellent. I see attending Matthew’s class as an investment of my time. What I learnt in 3 days on his course was equal to many month’s or even years of trying to work things out in my own way. He taught me to see things differently.
    Thank you Christine for the opportunity to work with Matthew.

  8. Hi Eva
    Roz’s students will be having an exhibition on June 29/30 at the Studio.
    I have no plans at the moment for a show of textiles as it would be difficult to show the full range because of space! But we do show examples of students work when we have open days for classes. The next ones of these is on August 21 & 24.
    Best Wishes

  9. Will there be an end-of-year exhibition showcasing work by the students? It would be interesting to see.

  10. Thanks Brenda. It is lovely to know how much you enjoyed the course. I really liked seeing how you all developed really individual responses to the techniques being demonstrated!

  11. I have just completed the four day course in Goldwork and have to say found it truly amazing. Christine encouraged us to experiment with the threads, before we laid a stitch, so we would have an idea of their individual properties. Once we started to stitch there was no stopping us. Four days passes so quickly, particularly when one has such an excellent tutor as Christine. I had such a great time learning this technique and will carry on and develop my ideas further.

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