Working with Paper & Stitch – Jennifer Collier

APRIL 29 – MAY 2 
Starting at 9.30am each day finishing 4.30 – 5, last day finishes at 4pm.

The Art of Paper and Stitch Workshop with Jennifer Collier
Learn a range of techniques developed by Jennifer to make unusual surfaces, by waxing, trapping, layering and embedding into plastics, papers and fabrics, which can be stitched, assembled and embellish using a wide range of hand and machine techniques. You will use this to make papers samplers, and spares will be collated in a homemade sketchbook, and you will go on to making a very personal and sentimental Paper Dress using the techniques and skills learnt on the final day

Day One: Experimental Techniques
Jennifer will give a talk based around her portfolio and ideas, to show you the different techniques you will learn in context.  She will then demonstrate experimental techniques she has developed including waxing tea bags, trapping with plastics, fusing plastics, transferring magazine images using sellotape and waxing papers and you will then have time to experiment with each of these techniques, push them forward and make them your own.

Day Two: Experimental Bookbinding
You will use the experimental techniques, such as waxing, stitching and trapping recycled papers to create sketchbook pages. These will then be made into a traditionally bound soft backed sketchbook, or series of sketchbooks to collate your samples. Jennifer will teach you how to make a soft bound 3 section book.

 Day Three: Paper Patchwork, Pockets and Pleats.
Creating paper ‘fabrics’. Jennifer will show a range of traditional hand techniques, including Cross Stitch, Running Stitch, needle lace stitches, Suffolk Puffs and Covered Buttons. She will also demonstrate a range of machine stitch techniques including Paper Patchwork, Cathedral Squares, Pleating, Paper Pockets, Button Loops, Bound Buttonholes, Covered Binding and Finished Edges, such as buckle loops. You will learn a wide range of hand and machine techniques to embellish these to make beautiful samplers. You will be encouraged to try every technique shown, and create paper samplers, that will inform your decisions on day four.

Day Four: Storybook Dresses.
You will use the techniques and skills learnt throughout the course to make a beautiful ‘Storybook Dress’ full of sentiment and meaning. This will be made from your own special papers, and will include your favourite techniques, such as button loops, covered bindings, covered buttons, pleating and patchworking. You will also make a personalised hanger to prefect this on.

NOTE: Materials and equipment are provided, but PLEASE do bring along your own special papers, such as books, map, sheet music, photos, letters, postcards and ephemera to personalise your work. You may also wish to bring a basic sewing kit.

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