stringing things out with alice fox


14 – 17 OCTOBER 2022                              £425  (deposit £100)


An exploration in making cordage, constructed surfaces and structures with re-purposed materials.

Working with a variety of repurposed materials, including paper, cloth, plastics and some beach-combed materials, this workshop introduces cordage (string) making, followed by a range of techniques to transform the cordage into surfaces and small-scale structures. Combining basic techniques with an experimental approach to materials, this workshop will provide you with the skills to experiment with a range of materials.

We will start off with cordage making and exploring this technique with a range of materials. We will then create a variety of structures, taking our hand-made cordage into three dimensional forms using looping, coiling and weaving.

Work with your own re-purposed materials, as well as those provided for the workshop, and hopefully some beachcombed materials gathered during the course.

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