Nuno Felt Travelling Cloth

17 – 19 July 2023 
£325 (Deposit payable on booking £100)

On this three day workshop you will learn how to make even, fine felt as you will be assisted to understand shrinkage and sizing.  You will also learn how to make Nuno felt using a gentle technique ( no rolling ) along with what fabrics work best, colour, and blending.  This will give you a good knowledge of the beauty of feltmaking and how to apply it to several small projects over the three days.


I can never remember making a conscious decision to start this process, only that I enjoyed working with the small pieces of Nuno felt that I had made. I soon worked out that I would use colour in a different way depending on the mood I was in, after a time I had a large box full of pieces in varying colours that reflected my feeling, thoughts and memories. I had no plan for these little pieces of treasure only that I found them strangely comforting. At no point did I ever intend to stitch into these pieces, the joy of Nuno at the time was you didn’t need to stitch into it as it’s beautiful on its own. I can’t remember who first asked me if I ever stitch into my felt, the answer was no. I had never even considered it, one of the reasons I loved felt making was there was no need to stitch which was just as well as I couldn’t sew a button on successfully. I think the start of my journey began when I was on a train, I put my hand in my pocket to pull out a tissue and instead I pulled out a screwed up piece of Nuno felt. At the time I wanted to do something with it but I had no needle or thread. When I got home I decided to add some stitches to it and found it rather satisfying. That was when I decided to always have a small piece of Nuno felt and a needle and thread with me wherever I go. That way I can spend my free moments stitching how I feel into the little bit of treasure bringing it to life, making it part of me. Once the piece of Nuno felt is stitched I sew it to the bigger cloth. My travel cloth grows with each new piece as a living, growing visual diary.

My story in stitch.