express yourself

You have an idea. Or you feel you want to express something that is important to you. You want to make a statement.
How do you do that in your favourite medium of textiles?
This course will help you find a pathway and a rationale for creating works that have both visual interest and will communicate to your chosen audience, whether that is just you, or the wider public.

In a highly supportive atmosphere, we will explore your ideas and what they mean to you, along with how to focus and connect your work to those ideas. We will look at the processes that could help you to express the ideas in a very practical and visual way, and then at further layers that will support and enhance all the work that has already been done. There may be research to do in order to learn the most appropriate process to help you, and I will add all of my extensive knowledge to that research.

This course will be tailored to your individual projects requirements. As such, there will be some preparatory work to do before you arrive at the course in order that Christine is fully aware of what you are wanting to achieve and can begin to consider the optimum ways of helping. Having said this though, the emphasis will be on being independent and focussed during the week. There will be times when the group will work together and particularly at the start and end of the day there will be opportunities to review and share and support. At other times you may want to zone out completely and put your earphones in and concentrate on the task at hand.

I am excited to be presenting this course as this will combine and draw from elements of my own way of working and understanding of how this type of work can differ greatly from the creation of work that is purely visual (and no less valuable for that) ┬árather than the ‘deep and meaningful’.

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