Studio 11 Open Day

Wow what a day! Started early fixing final things – putting the hose on the sink for the screens, laying out the refreshments, putting up our banner to hang from the windows. We had lots for people to do and to look at.

Studio ready for visitors

And then from about 5 minutes past 10 people started arriving, Roz and I started talking with people, Hilary and Sally were helping out demonstrating watercolour resist and screen printing, Judith was doing refreshments and Anita had gone off to the town to deliver leaflet to the Art Stalls. And we just didn’t stop till about 1.30!

Anita explaining about screen printing, whilst I pin out another piece of cloth ready for another ‘have a go’

Lots of visitors chatting and enjoying the demo’s

Roz demonstrating monoprinting for a group of young people to ‘have a go’
















We had some of Roz’s students come and see the new studio they were moving to. They all seemed very impressed with the facilities. The loos proved to be a great hit and somewhat of an improvement on the farm studio convenience!

We were visited by the Chairwoman of the South East Region of the Embroiderers Guild, who wanted to speak with me about teaching at West Dean next year. Jackie stayed for quite a while watching proceedings, looking at some of my samples and generally soaking up the atmosphere.

Some Twitter friends came to look at the facilities. @CohubStuart (and Laura) and @TheatricalEB who came and had a go at monoprinting and seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself.

Some ex students and friends of mine came to see what I was getting up to now I have moved from my nearly full time job at Sussex Downs College, to a very part time role.

A photographer came from the Herald to take photos. We thought they would co-ordinate with the visit by the MP but he was more interested in the fact we were in the old Beckett newspaper offices. In fact we seemed to be based in the old advertising offices.

And then Stephen Lloyd MP came. He came on his own, took off his jacket, ‘rolled up his sleeves’ and fully entered into the spirit of the day. He chatted, laughed a lot, watched, questioned, was genuinely interested in what we were demonstrating, and even had a go at screen printing himself.

Sally with Stephen, explaining about how she masked off areas of the screen with masking tape to make the patterns on the fabric in front of them

Christine working with Stephen doing screen printing










Stephen watching Robbie who is explaining about the monoprinting technique she and her friends have been doing


Amy went out into the Arndale Centre and town centre to hand out leaflets and some interested people came in to have a look in the afternoon.

Altogether we probably had about 60 people through the doors, which kept the studio busy all day, with just a short break around lunch time when it quietened down and we were able to have something to eat!

We were still going strong when it was time for it to be all over! It took a while for the clearing up to happen – of course – always the worst part of any party! And for one small person in particular, this meant an added bonus and something more to play with.

Oscar playing with our brand colour balloons!

It was a fabulous day and Roz and I would like to say thanks:

To Everyone who came and looked around, chatted and mingled – you provided a lovely atmosphere all day

To those patient people who waited (and sometimes kept waiting) to speak with either Roz or myself when we were busy talking with someone else

To family, friends and students who helped, technicianed, washed up, kept us supplied with coffee, got people through the door, took lots of photos

To Stephen Lloyd MP who really showed his interest and entered into the spirit of the day

Thank You!

See you in class maybe!