Open Houses Easter 2014


We have just finished our second weekend of Open Houses, with the Studio open Saturday/Sunday, 11-5 each day. Its been lovely meeting new people, sharing how we work and what we teach.

Each day we have had friends in to demonstrate various processes: printing, mixed media, wax, dyeing.sally-demonstrating

Here is Sally concentrating on creating lots of circles on black cloth with wax, which she will then take home to discharge with Milton sterilising fluid.

I even had my local quilt group – Collective Purple – in for a cup of tea and a chat. We looked at Gill’s new quilt which she has been making with Mandy Shaw, and which we all love with its pink bluebells and purple primroses – completely whacky but beautifully stitched and put together.


Roz has some fantastic images of Rhinos on display and is currently working on a painting of some beautiful wild cats.

I have a couple of new studio quilts as well as a completed Story of A Beach, which I am thinking of entering into Festival of Quilts this year.

And we both have cards and smaller items (prints/scarves/aprons) for sale.

And of course, as usual, there are some fabulous home made cakes for sale, even if I do say so myself!

If you have not been already, why not come along next weekend 10/11 May.