notice what you notice


We take inspiration from all sorts of places and whilst we think that inspiration has to be ‘important’ and ‘meaningful’, we can take from the smallest detail. This course will challenge and help you to look for those details, those small things, that can lead from an unlikely source to a piece of work – perhaps!
Through observation and discussion from research of art and artists who we might not be familiar with, we will investigate and experiment with ideas and processes to generate playful responses. This course will rely on you having some of your own skills and being willing to try out things you may not be familiar with, not to make you an expert in new processes, but to see if a new approach might result in a way forward towards new work.
With a given topic or art/textile movement or genre, you will research and share your findings with the group. Then you will discuss what exciting possibilities this might raise for following up with experimental sampling. This may be from the colour, the texture, the form or the context of the work that you have been looking at. There is no ‘right’ answer here: just your response and how you might take it forward.
We will cover several different sources of research during the course and you may not go further than the basic follow up experiment, but occasionally you may be inspired to want to go further and develop a more considered piece of work which will use your existing skills in stitch, print, weave, or even knit.

I will not be teaching you how to stitch, how to print, but how to be inspired and then work through to a project.

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