poetry of stitch

How many times have you said – I have lots of printed fabrics but don’t know what to do with them? This course will give you some answers. Teaching you to think differently when confronted with stitch; treating it as a layer, not just resorting to following the edges, or covering the lovely printed marks that are already on your fabrics. You don’t have to be expert in stitch as I will teach you how to think about stitches as mark and therefore traditional stitches need not be used! I will cover both hand and machine options.
You will need some hand dyed/printed fabrics to work with, along with a sewing machine.

This course involved a course booklet with a series of videos released gradually over 3 months, supported by Zoom tutorials every 2 weeks at a time to suit as many International participants as possible. Limited numbers to facilitate these Zoom tutorials. There is also a closed FB group fro those who enjoy social media.

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