paper lamination & beyond

Exploring fractured lamination on transparents and learning to control the marks from the paper as well as the marks from the print media, this course will take you through the basics of this exciting process so that you can create your own fabrics for projects. You will discover how your own marks on paper can be used within this technique allowing you to work with a wide variety of tools and media to create unique fabrics.

Lamination would not be complete without looking at other lamination processes as well including lamination on to opaque fabrics and gesso lamination creating 2 partner mixed media fabrics. You will cover some of the pitfalls of working with these types of laminations as well as the excitement of ripping apart your first gesso lamination to get your 2 paired fabrics!

But then what…. How often do you make fabrics and not know how to use them. This course will extend your knowledge so that you can learn how to manage these fabrics, particularly the transparents, in stitch projects. The last videos and zoom tutorials will focus on this aspect of working with laminations and will individually answer some of your questions about your own pieces of work.

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