Poetry of Decay Online Course

How often do you take photographs of peeling paint, lichen, rusting metal, weathered rock surfaces and neglected buildings? But then what? This course will explore how to interpret those beautiful marks on paper.  In this mixed media course you will be introduced to some materials and processes that will help you to create rich and textured surfaces based on the inspiration found in your own photographs.

Working on paper you will experiment with a variety of media including paints, inks, dyes, oil pastel, puff binder, and rusting powder. Your series of small paper based studies will enable you to layer experiments and materials quickly, creating an understanding of your media. Your papers will be combined towards the end of the course looking at how to put together a series of images into small book forms which will provide a record of your experiments. This course consists of 12 videos, a video about the methods you might use to transfer some of these effects to fabric, a course booklet and Zoom tutorials which are organised after the start of the course once Christine knows where all the participants are based and can organise a time to suit as many time zones as possible.

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