Module 3 – Quality Review

Zoom Consultation at a date & time to be arranged
Required – a video presentation to be reviewed – sent at least a week in advance of the Consultation
Fee is dependant on the length of video for review – hence the range given above

Please use the contact form to set up the Consultation

One of the most difficult issues with online delivery for us, as teachers, is the lack of , or generic nature of, feedback from our students. If we are lucky, and there is the forum for it, some students will give you thanks for your course. However, unlike the end of a workshop where people take time to come up in person as they are saying goodbye to thank you either generally for the course or detailing how it might help them, a Zoom session just ends with the screen going blank. There may be a general chorus of thank you’s but it does not always give the type of detailed positive feedback which we use to give us an idea whether a workshop is working or not. Zoom is also quite a difficult forum for getting ‘live’ feedback whilst a session is in progress of how individuals are coping and therefore which parts might need tweaking on another run of that workshop.

So I am offering the opportunity to have a professional review of one of your videos/courses. I will look at it from the point of view of the video as a teaching tool and how the video presentation is enhancing the teaching, or potentially hindering it. Feedback will be constructive and supportive and based on coaching techniques to enable you to find the right answers, gain an understanding of whether a course should work and how to improve it or move it forward.

Potentially I can do the same for a Zoom workshop, but the participants must be asked in advance for permission to record the session to pass on to a third party for a review of the teaching.