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I spent 2020 upskilling! I am now combining my new skills with my old skills to provide a consultation/caoaching service for other artists and crafts practitioners who want to develop online workshops.

In order to keep my wonderful studio community together in the difficult times of the pandemic, I quickly diversified into online teaching combining Zoom tutorials starting in March, with weekly videos of things to do.
This experience gave me enough confidence to make the video for Community Stitch Challenge which I presented in May. The video was really well received both for the interest of the task, but also the professionalism of the video. This was the first major feedback I had for my video making and was a real boost for my confidence. So much so that I have now put all my major workshops into online formats.
Since then I have presented ‘live’ Zoom workshops for Festival of Quilts, and local stitch groups, as well as including a live Zoom workshop in my main September offer. I am so glad I did, given lockdown2 and lockdown3 meant that I only had students in the studio in October and December!

I made plenty of mistakes during this time – I am definitely not saying that I make perfect videos. However, I do have years of experience in working with teachers in a Quality Leader role for my college in my previous career, and I know what to look for in a good workshop whether delivered online or face to face. Combine this with my steep learning curve in video making, I am confident I can help artists who want to be able to teach online, to get started and perhaps avoid some of the mistakes I made.

Of course there is a lot of information out there about online teaching, but artists and craft practitioners have specific challenges to manage when creating videos/demonstrations etc and I have that unique perspective being an artist-teacher myself.


I decided to go modular for this course, but also keep it personal and individual rather than present a group course. The modules can be taken independently of each other, in any order, or all together.

Module 1 – Individual Consultation

Module 2 – Video Filming & Editing  Editing section TBC

Module 3 – Quality Review


Please also read the comments at the bottom of the page…

Javiera from Berlin writes:
“Taking Christine’s Mentoring Programme course was a specific one-2-one teaching experience that went beyond my expectations. From my experience working with Christine, she is a highly qualified teacher. She has an abstract way of approaching artistic problems, which makes her articulate coherently and understandably the potential of crafting possibilities. Then she can broaden the opportunities of experimentation to make you able to push your boundaries coming from unnoticed blind spots.”

From East Anglia another mentor student:
“I found Christine’s mentoring course to be well-organised, constructive and thought-provoking.  It greatly helped me to focus on my strengths and weaknesses as an artist and, as a result, I was able to make significant progress with my textile work.  She is an excellent, knowledgeable tutor, who has the rare ability to bring out the creative best in her students”.

From Liske Johnson:
“Thank you Christine for a really informative and helpful consultation about teaching a workshop via zoom.
Christine was really easy to chat to, well prepared, very open and generous with her knowledge and experience. Christine have me some great tips on kit, as well as how to structure the workshop, and answered questions I didn’t know I had. I now feel much more confident and prepared for running my first zoom workshop later this month.
Thank you!”

2 thoughts on “Coaching for Online Course Presentation

  1. Thank you Amanda – it was a positive pleasure to discuss your brilliant idea with you and how to present it and make the most of your opportunity.

  2. If you’re looking for generous support, guidance, and information, then Christine has to be your go-to. Christine has been there, done it, and bought and embroidered the t-shirt! No area of textile practice, and its surrounding disciplines, is out of bounds (in fact, I felt comfortable enough to discuss aspects of vanity and how to appear less haggard online!) I threw daft question after daft question at her and she never faltered. People often feel afraid to reveal their lack of knowledge of a subject. You will never feel like this with Christine; in fact, I would encourage you to be truly authentic as you’re in safe hands. From where to plug a camera in, to wrestling a router…ask away!

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