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I am offering a few different styles of online courses:
–     Hybrid courses which some people can take online whilst others might be in the studio at the same time
–     Zoom Live class where you work alongside others on Zoom being tutored in various exercises and discussions – this is usually Once a Month
–     Tutored course with limited numbers in order to maintain personal contact with Christine, taken over several months supported by demonstration videos and a course   booklet. All the resources are accessible from the start date on a teaching platform called Padlet which gives everyone the opportunity to share work without having to have a social media account. There are also fortnightly Zoom tutorials with the whole group to discuss progress
–     Video based learning with demonstration videos, course booklet and FB group where I support and comment regularly


MONDAYS 10.00 – 13.00
3 term payments: 
January £120
May £90
September £120

This is a new run of this popular hybrid course.

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THURSDAYS 10.00 – 13.00
3 term payments: 
January £120
May £90
September £120

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£140 January to September

This is a hybrid course where part of the group is based in the studio.


Videos and Zoom Tutorials



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Videos & Zoom Tutorials



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Videos & Zoom Tutorials

Begins 01 September 2022


Exploring fractured lamination on transparents and learning to control the marks from the paper as well as the marks from the print media, this course will take you through the basics of this exciting process so that you can create your own fabrics for projects. Lamination would not be complete without looking at other lamination processes as well including lamination on to opaque fabrics, gesso lamination creating 2 partner mixed media fabrics. But then what…. How often do you make fabrics and not know how to use them. This course will extend your knowledge so that you can learn how to manage these fabrics, particularly the transparents, in stitch projects.


Can be started at any time – format slightly different with no Zoom meetings, just videos taking you through the whole process.


Taking you through the process of making a potato chip quilt using up previously dyed fabrics, commercial fabrics and plain ones. Using overdyeing as a way of tying lots of different fabrics together in a palette of colour, you will learn how to calculate quantities and sizes to make your choice of size of quilt.
The construction method will be fully explained, along with choices as to how to quilt once the quilt sandwich has been put together, Full explanations of trimming and binding are also included.

WORKING WITH TISSUE – an introduction to mixed media textiles


£40 – start anytime 

This course will introduce you to working with a particular type of paper and the qualities that makes this paper really easy and interesting to work with. It doesn’t involve using lots of specialist materials – mainly things you have around the house with a couple of extras you can order from the internet if you don’t have any. The course includes  mark making, laminating, collaging, and stitching: all are covered in different sections of the video. It is fun and gives you lots of different styles of outcome for using as background for other work.


To book a place on any of these courses, please click on the Add to Cart button to take you to the checkout page. If you want to add another course, navigate away from the Checkout page and choose another course and this will be added to your cart on Checkout.

There are no deposits for these online courses, the balance in full being required to secure your place. This fee is refundable up to 2 weeks in advance of the course starting on the date that the course outlines, unless this is Potato Chip, which begins once you have paid the fee. Once any course has started, the fee is non refundable. Should you have an issue that will stop you temporarily from following the videos, then please do contact me to work out some kind of adjustment to the length of time you have access to the videos.

In the case of courses which have tutorials and group meetings, the 2 weeks gives me the opportunity to advertise and fill your space on one of the set date courses. After this time, being able to re-sell a place which you have filled is unlikely and therefore there is no refund. In this instance, the online course is considered to be like any other course where refunds are not given as places can not be filled at short notice. After the official start date, you will have full access to course materials and online teaching and the course will be deemed to have started in line with any other regular learning opportunity.

5 thoughts on “Online Courses Main

  1. I have just completed the on-line Paper Lamination and Beyond course which really delivered in terms of training, accessibility and easy to follow at home lamination techniques. Who knew paper lamination offered so many possibilities. Well obviously Christine does. Enjoyable and professional course which I would highly recommend.

  2. I have just finished “ poetry in Decay “ I have had a ball learned a lot have some really lovely cards was stretched and taken out of comfort zone …..but it was fun .
    Really recommend this course.

  3. Christine has done a fantastic job of taking her Poetry of Decay course on-line. There is a course booklet, numerous videos and Zoom meetings with all the participants every two weeks. In addition we were able to share photos and comments through a private Facebook group throughout the duration of the course. I believe that we were able to experiment in more depth and play with so many “what ifs” because the course was spread over a much longer time than the regular in-person course. Christine was there every step of the way to offer encouragement and advice. I was utterly thrilled with the runs of cards that I made and will definitely follow Christine’s advice to use this process as a daily practice that can nurture one’s creativity. I am planning to take more on-line courses with Christine and definitely recommend them to others.

  4. I also participated in the Poetry of Decay course and learned so much. The teaching videos came just at the right intervals to keep one working and making progress, and the Zoom meetings were supportive and answered many questions.For those of us who are a bit older and tend to tire in all day courses, I can recommend this as a good way of working at your own pace!

  5. I took part in Poetry Of Decay online course it was interesting, well instructed and fun. There is plenty of time to experiment, more than in the usual few day workshops, and Christine is a generous and supportive tutor. I really recommend the taking up of a course online, it doesn’t replace seeing things in real life, but it does give you access to a brilliant artist like Christine who may not be ordinarily available to you.

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