Goldwork Class

Last summer school is now finished and we had a great time. There is such a lot to learn in Goldwork that even a 4 day course can only be an introduction to the subject.

We started with materials and equipment. We had a table full of different types of metal thread, each of which has a particular character, and a particular problem when using it!




After nearly a day of preparation – printing/padding/dressing the frame – we finally got down to working with the metal threads themselves.

We covered several basic techniques dealing with each of the main types of metal thread and had the luxury of some time to sit and stitch and practice the technique, rather than having to leave it to go home and then forget how to do it!

Alongside the traditional techniques, everyone had a go at some more contemporary treatments of the materials and by the end of the course, most people had 2 samples on the go and in some cases, nearly finished!








As a teacher it is exciting for me to see a lot of different styles and choices of design and stitching emerging throughout the duration of the class, creating a lot of very individual pieces of work, despite the fact these were only samplers really.









Coffee and cakes throughout kept us all very happy and content over the 2 weeks and it felt as though I had been teaching at the studio for years, rather than only 2 weeks. It is a lovely flexible space which can accommodate a pure stitch class as easily as a wet print/dye class. I really enjoyed myself and I think the students had a good time too!