Colour Re-Treat with Leslie Morgan

Wow what a week we had – full of colour, fun, laughter and work!


Studio all ready to receive tutor and students


Studio after 2 full days of colour work – what a transformation!



Leslie explaining how to work with the palette to create a linked series of colours and tones

And what a generous tutor Leslie Morgan is. She spent the week talking with us about colour and sharing her years of knowledge and experience, so that by the end we were beginning to understand our own colour preferences and uses.

We began the week just mixing colour on palettes, working intuitively from a fixed starting point. We had been asked to bring a colour source and this helped us determine which colours to start with. We worked with thickened dye paints and print paste to create layers of transparency and tone within the colour we were mixing.


Gill, Cathy and Jane listening intently

We had many many colour charts on the wall to help us understand particular blends and mixes of colour and tone, and provide us with a language of colour for the week.

But for some reason on that first day, the words kept coming back to ‘sage green’! On day 2, I think it was Gill who actually turned up in the morning with a sage leaf for comparison and lots of giggling.

The second day was spent with Leslie showing how to mix a range of 15 colours just using 2 to start with and print paste for tones. Its easier than it sounds but does take a huge amount of concentration otherwise the wrong colour ends up in the wrong pot!

Cathy, Terry, Gill and Hazel, working and comparing notes

Cathy, Terry, Gill and Hazel, working and comparing notes

As the week progressed we created cloth from scraping off the palettes, credit card wiping, thermofax printing, and screen printing. Both conventional and unconventional ways of printing!


We watched Leslie demonstrate how she layers up colour on fabric using just one screen and a credit card – a hugely inspiring demo.

colour-blog-4 colour-blog-3colour-blog-2

Of course, there is always a downside to any course – and washing out 15 pots of colour each time you wanted a change of colourway was it! (No pictures of that!!) But that was a SMALL price to pay for a fabulous course, with a great bunch of people. Thanks.